Visible to the public Physical Layer Security in Wireless Information and Power Transfer Millimeter Wave Systems

TitlePhysical Layer Security in Wireless Information and Power Transfer Millimeter Wave Systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsSun, Xiaoli, Yang, Weiwei, Cai, Yueming, Tao, Liwei, Cai, Chunxiao
Conference Name2018 24th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications (APCC)
ISBN Number978-1-5386-6928-0
KeywordsCommunication system security, composability, confidential information rate, effective secrecy throughput, energy coverage, energy-information coverage probability, Information rates, Metrics, Millimeter-wave (mmWave), network parameters, physical layer security, physical layer security performance, power transfer millimeter wave systems, power transfer millimeter wave ultra-dense network, probability, pubcrawl, reliable transmission performance, resilience, Resiliency, secrecy performance, secrecy probability, secure transmission performance, simulation results, simultaneous wireless information, stochastic geometry framework, SWIPT, Switches, telecommunication network reliability, telecommunication security, Throughput, wireless channels, Wireless communication, Wireless sensor networks

This paper studies the physical layer security performance of a Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer (SWIPT) millimeter wave (mmWave) ultra-dense network under a stochastic geometry framework. Specifically, we first derive the energy-information coverage probability and secrecy probability in the considered system under time switching policies. Then the effective secrecy throughput (EST) which can characterize the trade-off between the energy coverage, secure and reliable transmission performance is derived. Theoretical analyses and simulation results reveal the design insights into the effects of various network parameters like, transmit power, time switching factor, transmission rate, confidential information rate, etc, on the secrecy performance. Specifically, it is impossible to realize the effective secrecy throughput improvement just by increasing the transmit power.

Citation Keysun_physical_2018