Visible to the public Phase Jamming Attack: A Practical Attack on Physical Layer-Based Key Derivation

TitlePhase Jamming Attack: A Practical Attack on Physical Layer-Based Key Derivation
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsMirhoseiniNejad, S. Mohamad, Rahmanpour, Ali, Razavizadeh, S. Mohammad
Conference Name2018 15th International ISC (Iranian Society of Cryptology) Conference on Information Security and Cryptology (ISCISC)
Date Publishedaug
ISBN Number978-1-5386-7582-3
Keywordsadversary signal transmission, communication channel networks, communication management, Communication system security, composability, cryptography, jamming, jamming attack, key generation technique, Metrics, phase attack, phase jamming attack, phase quantization regions, Physical layer, physical layer security, physical layer-based key derivation procedure, physical-layer security, probability, pubcrawl, Quantization (signal), received signal phase quantisation, resilience, Resiliency, secret key generation, secret keys, security, security enhancement performance, Signal to noise ratio, Wireless communication

Key derivation from the physical layer features of the communication channels is a promising approach which can help the key management and security enhancement in communication networks. In this paper, we consider a key generation technique that quantizes the received signal phase to obtain the secret keys. We then study the effect of a jamming attack on this system. The jammer is an active attacker that tries to make a disturbance in the key derivation procedure and changes the phase of the received signal by transmitting an adversary signal. We evaluate the effect of jamming on the security performance of the system and show the ways to improve this performance. Our numerical results show that more phase quantization regions limit the probability of successful attacks.

Citation Keymirhoseininejad_phase_2018