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"In 2020, the Critical National Infrastructure Summit is keeping interoperability at the core of its agenda. We're including even more sectors within critical infrastructure to cater to the need for community collaboration in emergency response, resiliency and risk management efforts.

CNI 2020 is expanding upon an already successful program. The inaugural 2019 Summit saw 9 Chief Information Officers and 30+ senior thought leaders from the forefront of critical infrastructure on our speaking faculty and an immersive learning experience including hands-on interactive discussion groups and an exclusive DC Water Site Tour that resulted in 90% of our participants "looking forward to attending next year".

On-site we learnt that CI owners are continuing to move towards connected and advanced technology to protect assets, that emergency response efforts are being delivered more through PPP than ever before, and that emergency response exercises are being implemented across multiple CI sectors.

Our all new 2020 program will further address these topics through a series of case studies, career-advancing keynotes, and interactive discussion groups to foster an environment of learning and collaboration as well as add focus on the very latest challenges raised during our extensive industry research.

Join the Critical National Infrastructure Summit 2020 to discuss the future of integrated security and benchmark with peers from government, relevant industry sectors and solutions providers. Take part in building a resilient nation for the future."

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