Visible to the public Ransomware Impact to SCADA Systems and its Scope to Critical Infrastructure

TitleRansomware Impact to SCADA Systems and its Scope to Critical Infrastructure
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsIbarra, Jaime, Javed Butt, Usman, Do, Anh, Jahankhani, Hamid, Jamal, Arshad
Conference Name2019 IEEE 12th International Conference on Global Security, Safety and Sustainability (ICGS3)
Keywordsadvanced encryption standard, Command and Control Server, command injection attacks, communication technologies, composability, critical infrastructure, critical infrastructures, critical national infrastructure, Crypto, cryptocurrency, cyber attack, cyber physical systems, Cyber-physical systems, cybersecurity, denial of service, exploitation, extortion, footprinting, industrial control systems, Information security, intrusion detection and prevention systems, invasive software, Locker, malicious, Metrics, patch management, privilege escalation, pubcrawl, ransomware, ransomware attack, ransomware impact, Ransomware Injection, Remote Terminal Units, Resiliency, rootkit, RSA, SCADA systems, security pre-processor, Social Engineering, Stuxnet, supervisory control and data acquisition, tactics, techniques and procedures, Virtual private networks, Vulnerability, WannaCry
AbstractSCADA systems are being constantly migrated to modern information and communication technologies (ICT) -based systems named cyber-physical systems. Unfortunately, this allows attackers to execute exploitation techniques into these architectures. In addition, ransomware insertion is nowadays the most popular attacking vector because it denies the availability of critical files and systems until attackers receive the demanded ransom. In this paper, it is analysed the risk impact of ransomware insertion into SCADA systems and it is suggested countermeasures addressed to the protection of SCADA systems and its components to reduce the impact of ransomware insertion.
Citation Keyibarra_ransomware_2019