Visible to the public Analogous Study of Security Threats in Cognitive Radio

TitleAnalogous Study of Security Threats in Cognitive Radio
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsSohu, Izhar Ahmed, Ahmed Rahimoon, Asif, Junejo, Amjad Ali, Ahmed Sohu, Arsalan, Junejo, Sadam Hussain
Conference Name2019 2nd International Conference on Computing, Mathematics and Engineering Technologies (iCoMET)
ISBN Number978-1-5386-9509-8
KeywordsCognitive radio, Cognitive Radio (CR), Cognitive Radio Security, cognitive radio wireless sensor networks, cooperative communication, cooperative spectrum sensing, Cooperative Spectrum Sensing and Spectrum Sensing Data Falsification (SSDF), CRWSN, Data integration, Electromagnetic spectrum, electromagnetic spectrum band, fusion technique, Fusion Techniques, Interference, jamming, Primary user Emulation, pubcrawl, PUE, radio spectrum management, resilience, Resiliency, security, sensor fusion, Sensors, signal detection, spectrum sensing data falsification, SSDF, telecommunication security, white space, Wireless communication, wireless security threat issue, Wireless sensor networks

Utilization of Wireless sensor network is growing with the development in modern technologies. On other side electromagnetic spectrum is limited resources. Application of wireless communication is expanding day by day which directly threaten electromagnetic spectrum band to become congested. Cognitive Radio solves this issue by implementation of unused frequency bands as "White Space". There is another important factor that gets attention in cognitive model i.e: Wireless Security. One of the famous causes of security threat is malicious node in cognitive radio wireless sensor networks (CRWSN). The goal of this paper is to focus on security issues which are related to CRWSN as Fusion techniques, Co-operative Spectrum sensing along with two dangerous attacks in CR: Primary User Emulation (PUE) and Spectrum Sensing Data Falsification (SSDF).

Citation Keysohu_analogous_2019