Visible to the public Area Constraint Aware Physical Unclonable Function for Intelligence Module

TitleArea Constraint Aware Physical Unclonable Function for Intelligence Module
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsNozaki, Yusuke, Yoshikawa, Masaya
Conference Name2018 3rd International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Applications (ICCIA)
Date PublishedJuly 2018
ISBN Number978-1-5386-9571-5
Keywordsarea constraint aware physical unclonable function, area constraint aware PUF, artificial intelligence technology, Artificial neural networks, authentication, authentication techniques, circuit area, composability, compositionality, Computational Intelligence, cryptography, edge computing, field programmable gate arrays, Hamming distance, Hardware, hardware security, intelligence module, IoT devices, Neural Network, Neurons, NN, physical unclonable function, physical unclonable functions, pubcrawl, PUF performance evaluation, security countermeasures, security of IoT device, Table lookup

Artificial intelligence technology such as neural network (NN) is widely used in intelligence module for Internet of Things (IoT). On the other hand, the risk of illegal attacks for IoT devices is pointed out; therefore, security countermeasures such as an authentication are very important. In the field of hardware security, the physical unclonable functions (PUFs) have been attracted attention as authentication techniques to prevent the semiconductor counterfeits. However, implementation of the dedicated hardware for both of NN and PUF increases circuit area. Therefore, this study proposes a new area constraint aware PUF for intelligence module. The proposed PUF utilizes the propagation delay time from input layer to output layer of NN. To share component for operation, the proposed PUF reduces the circuit area. Experiments using a field programmable gate array evaluate circuit area and PUF performance. In the result of circuit area, the proposed PUF was smaller than the conventional PUFs was showed. Then, in the PUF performance evaluation, for steadiness, diffuseness, and uniqueness, favorable results were obtained.

Citation Keynozaki_area_2018