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Dr. Michael Wertheimer (born February 6, 1957) is a cryptologic mathematician. From October 31, 2005 until June 2009, he was the Assistant Deputy Director and Chief Technology Officer of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence for Analysis.[3] Dr. Wertheimer oversaw the coordination of Intelligence Community efforts to bring increased depth and accuracy to analysis through technology. In 2008, Dr. Wertheimer successfully launched A-Space, the U.S. Intelligence Community's "Facebook for Spies."[4] This new social network opened in September 2008 for U.S. intelligence analysts and covert operatives across some 16 intelligence agencies to share information with each other. He continues to advocate for Intelligence Community reforms and currently is involved in pressing for adoption of Intellipedia; a classified wiki.

Prior to this appointment, Dr. Wertheimer spent two years in industry building a research group focused on the intelligence community. From 1982 to 2003 he was a cryptologic mathematician at the National Security Agency. In 1999 he was selected as Technical Director for the Data Acquisition Office in the NSA's Signals Intelligence Directorate. He is the co-author of the 2001 Signals Intelligence Strategy and the 2002 SIGINT architecture model.

Dr. Wertheimer returned to the National Security Agency in June 2009 and in the June 2010 became its current Director for Research.

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Significance of Science in NSA Research, and Scientific Needs for Defense of Cyberspace