Visible to the public An Adoption Theory for Secure Software Development Tools


Secure software development tools can help improve the security of software, but many software developers do not use such tools. The poster discusses our findings about why software developers do and do not use security tools, based on 43 interviews with software developers. The results suggest that a variety of factors, encompassing both technical and social aspects, influence developers' decisions.


Emerson Murphy-Hill is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at NCSU. He received a Ph.D. from Portland State University under Professor Andrew P. Black in 2008 and completed a postdoc with Professor Gail C. Murphy at the University of British Columbia in 2010. His research interests lie in the intersection of software engineering and human-computer interaction. He has received three ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Awards for his work on software engineering tools. More on PI Murphy-Hill can be found at

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An Adoption Theory for Secure Software Development Tools
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