Visible to the public Consideration of security for PLNC with untrusted relay in game theoretic perspective

TitleConsideration of security for PLNC with untrusted relay in game theoretic perspective
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsShirasaki, Yusuke, Takyu, Osamu, Fujii, Takeo, Ohtsuki, Tomoaki, Sasamori, Fumihito, Handa, Shiro
Conference Name2018 IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium (RWS)
Date Publishedjan
Keywordschannel state information, game theoretic perspective, game theoretic security, game theory, Games, human factors, informed CSI, interfered signal, Nash equilibrium, network coding, optimal control, optimisation, Optimization, Physical layer, physical layer network coding, physical layer security, PLNC, power control, Predictive Metrics, pubcrawl, radio networks, received signal, relay networks (telecommunication), relay station, Relays, Scalability, secure wireless communication link, telecommunication control, telecommunication security, transmit power control, Transmit Power Control Channel State Information, untrusted relay, Wireless communication
AbstractA physical layer network coding (PLNC) is a highly efficient scheme for exchanging information between two nodes. Since the relay receives the interfered signal between two signals sent by two nodes, it hardly decodes any information from received signal. Therefore, the secure wireless communication link to the untrusted relay is constructed. The two nodes optimize the transmit power control for maximizing the secure capacity but these depend on the channel state information informed by the relay station. Therefore, the untrusted relay disguises the informed CSI for exploiting the information from two nodes. This paper constructs the game of two optimizations between the legitimate two nodes and the untrusted relay for clarifying the security of PLNC with untrusted relay.
Citation Keyshirasaki_consideration_2018