Visible to the public Development Of A Novel Security Scheme Using DNA Biocryptography For Smart Meter Data Communication

TitleDevelopment Of A Novel Security Scheme Using DNA Biocryptography For Smart Meter Data Communication
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsRadhakrishnan, Vijayanand, Durairaj, Devaraj, Balasubramanian, Kannapiran, Kamatchi, Kartheeban
Conference Name2019 3rd International Conference on Computing and Communications Technologies (ICCCT)
ISBN Number978-1-5386-9371-1
Keywords2-phase DNA cryptography, advanced metering infrastructure, advanced security mechanisms, AMI communication network, AMI security, Biocryptography, biology computing, Communications technology, cryptography, data communication, data privacy, Data security, DH-EAB key exchange scheme, Diffie Hellman scheme, DNA, DNA cryptography, electroencephalography, Encryption, Handheld computers, Human Behavior, lightweight encryption scheme, Metrics, Predictive Metrics, privacy, pubcrawl, resilience, Resiliency, secure communication, Simulink/Matlab, smart meter communication, smart meter data communication, smart meters

Data security is a major requirement of smart meter communication to control server through Advanced Metering infrastructure. Easy access of smart meters and multi-faceted nature of AMI communication network are the main reasons of smart meter facing large number of attacks. The different topology, bandwidth and heterogeneity in communication network prevent the existing security mechanisms in satisfying the security requirements of smart meter. Hence, advanced security mechanisms are essential to encrypt smart meter data before transmitting to control server. The emerging biocryptography technique has several advantages over existing techniques and is most suitable for providing security to communication of low processing devices like smart meter. In this paper, a lightweight encryption scheme using DNA sequence with suitable key management scheme is proposed for secure communication of smart meter in an efficient way. The proposed 2-phase DNA cryptography provides confidentiality and integrity to transmitted data and the authentication of keys is attained by exchanging through Diffie Hellman scheme. The strength of proposed encryption scheme is analyzed and its efficiency is evaluated by simulating an AMI communication network using Simulink/Matlab. Comparison of simulation results with various techniques show that the proposed scheme is suitable for secure communication of smart meter data.

Citation Keyradhakrishnan_development_2019