Visible to the public Data Acquisition Network and Application System Based on 6LoWPAN and IPv6 Transition Technology

TitleData Acquisition Network and Application System Based on 6LoWPAN and IPv6 Transition Technology
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsGuanyu, Chen, Yunjie, Han, Chang, Li, Changrui, Lin, Degui, Fang, Xiaohui, Rong
Conference Name2019 IEEE 2nd International Conference on Electronics Technology (ICET)
Keywords6LoWPAN, 6to4, 6to4 tunnel, actual uploaded river quality data, affair data service, application system, composability, data acquisition, data acquisition network, data packet, device access management, internal sensor network, Internet, internetworking, IP networks, IPv4 address exhaustion, IPv6, low-power wide-area network wireless communication technology, Monitoring, multiservice data storage, personal area networks, Protocols, pubcrawl, Resiliency, rich IPv6 address, Routing, Sensors, Servers, tunnel, wide area networks, Wireless sensor networks
AbstractIn recent years, IPv6 will gradually replace IPv4 with IPv4 address exhaustion and the rapid development of the Low-Power Wide-Area network (LPWAN) wireless communication technology. This paper proposes a data acquisition and application system based on 6LoWPAN and IPv6 transition technology. The system uses 6LoWPAN and 6to4 tunnel to realize integration of the internal sensor network and Internet to improve the adaptability of the gateway and reduce the average forwarding delay and packet loss rate of small data packet. Moreover, we design and implement the functions of device access management, multiservice data storage and affair data service by combining the C/S architecture with the actual uploaded river quality data. The system has the advantages of flexible networking, low power consumption, rich IPv6 address, high communication security, and strong reusability.
Citation Keyguanyu_data_2019