Visible to the public Context-Aware Trust Management System for IoT Applications with Multiple Domains

TitleContext-Aware Trust Management System for IoT Applications with Multiple Domains
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsLi, Nan, Varadharajan, Vijay, Nepal, Surya
Conference Name2019 IEEE 39th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS)
Keywords6LoWPAN, Base stations, composability, computer network security, context information, context items, Context modeling, Context-Aware Trust Evaluation, context-aware trust management system, context-aware trust model, context-aware trust models, context-based trust evaluation, distributed resource-constrained IoT devices, heterogeneous devices, Internet of Things, IoT, IoT applications, lightweight IoT devices, performance evaluation, pubcrawl, reputation system, reputation systems, Resiliency, service provider, smart wildlife, Traffic Management, Trust management, Trust Management System, trust values, Trusted Computing, trustworthiness record, ubiquitous computing, Wildlife
AbstractThe Internet of Things (IoT) provides connectivity between heterogeneous devices in different applications, such as smart wildlife, supply chain and traffic management. Trust management system (TMS) assesses the trustworthiness of service with respect to its quality. Under different context information, a service provider may be trusted in one context but not in another. The existing context-aware trust models usually store trust values under different contexts and search the closest (to a given context) record to evaluate the trustworthiness of a service. However, it is not suitable for distributed resource-constrained IoT devices which have small memory and low power. Reputation systems are applied in many trust models where trustor obtains recommendations from others. In context-based trust evaluation, it requires interactive queries to find relevant information from remote devices. The communication overhead and energy consumption are issues in low power networks like 6LoWPAN. In this paper, we propose a new context-aware trust model for lightweight IoT devices. The proposed model provides a trustworthiness overview of a service provider without storing past behavior records, that is, constant size storage. The proposed model allows a trustor to decide the significance of context items. This could result in distinctive decisions under the same trustworthiness record. We also show the performance of the proposed model under different attacks.
Citation Keyli_context-aware_2019