Visible to the public Energy Management in an Islanded Microgrid: A Consensus Theory Approach

TitleEnergy Management in an Islanded Microgrid: A Consensus Theory Approach
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsWaqar, Ali, Hu, Junjie, Mushtaq, Muhammad Rizwan, Hussain, Hadi, Qazi, Hassaan Aziz
Conference Name2019 2nd International Conference on Computing, Mathematics and Engineering Technologies (iCoMET)
Keywords8-bus islanded microgrid, composability, consensus, consensus theory approach, DG energy managemen, distributed generation, distributed power generation, Economics, Energy management, energy management optimization algorithm, energy management systems, expandability, expandability performance, Generators, Iterative methods, lambda-iteration method, micro grid., Microgrids, multi-agent systems, multiagent system, optimisation, Optimization, optimization problem, Propagation losses, pubcrawl, renewable energy, renewable energy sources, renewables, Resiliency, scalability test, transmission losses

This article presents a consensus based distributed energy management optimization algorithm for an islanded microgrid. With the rapid development of renewable energy and distributed generation (DG) energy management is becoming more and more distributed. To solve this problem a multi-agent system based distributed solution is designed in this work which uses lambda-iteration method to solve optimization problem. Moreover, the algorithm is fully distributed and transmission losses are also considered in the modeling process which enhanced the practicality of proposed work. Simulations are performed for different cases on 8-bus microgrid to show the effectiveness of algorithm. Moreover, a scalability test is performed at the end to further justify the expandability performance of algorithm for more advanced networks.

Citation Keywaqar_energy_2019