Visible to the public Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid Configurations for a Net-Zero Energy Community

TitleHybrid AC/DC Microgrid Configurations for a Net-Zero Energy Community
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsAjaei, F. Badrkhani, Mohammadi, J., Stevens, G., Akhavan, E.
Conference Name2019 IEEE/IAS 55th Industrial and Commercial Power Systems Technical Conference (I CPS)
Date Publishedmay
Keywordsalternating current microgrids, Buildings, circuit breakers, composability, Configurations, costly medium-voltage components, direct current microgrids, distributed power generation, expandability, hybrid AC-DC microgrid, Hybrid AC/DC microgrid, Integrated circuit interconnections, interface converters, load shedding, Medium voltage, Microgrids, net-zero energy community, power convertors, Power demand, power generation reliability, power sharing issues, pubcrawl, reliability, Resiliency, system reliability

The hybrid microgrid is attracting great attention in recent years as it combines the main advantages of the alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) microgrids. It is one of the best candidates to support a net-zero energy community. Thus, this paper investigates and compares different hybrid AC/DC microgrid configurations that are suitable for a net-zero energy community. Four different configurations are compared with each other in terms of their impacts on the overall system reliability, expandability, load shedding requirements, power sharing issues, net-zero energy capability, number of the required interface converters, and the requirement of costly medium-voltage components. The results of the investigations indicate that the best results are achieved when each building is enabled to supply its critical loads using an independent AC microgrid that is interfaced to the DC microgrid through a dedicated interface converter.

Citation Keyajaei_hybrid_2019