Visible to the public Comparative Analysis of Lightweight Block Ciphers in IoT-Enabled Smart Environment

TitleComparative Analysis of Lightweight Block Ciphers in IoT-Enabled Smart Environment
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsSehrawat, Deepti, Gill, Nasib Singh, Devi, Munisha
Conference Name2019 6th International Conference on Signal Processing and Integrated Networks (SPIN)
Keywords32-bit cipher, 32-bit ultra-lightweight block cipher security model, Ciphers, Comparative Analysis, cryptography, Encryption, Hardware Implementation, Internet of Things, IoT-enabled smart environment, lightweight block ciphers, Lightweight Ciphers, lightweight cryptographic solutions, lightweight cryptography, privacy, pubcrawl, rapid technological growth, real-life things, Resiliency, resource-constrained environment, Scalability, Schedules, security in resource-constrained environment, security solutions, Signal processing, smart computing environment, Software, ultra-lightweight block ciphers

With the rapid technological growth in the present context, Internet of Things (IoT) has attracted the worldwide attention and has become pivotal technology in the smart computing environment of 21st century. IoT provides a virtual view of real-life things in resource-constrained environment where security and privacy are of prime concern. Lightweight cryptography provides security solutions in resource-constrained environment of IoT. Several software and hardware implementation of lightweight ciphers have been presented by different researchers in this area. This paper presents a comparative analysis of several lightweight cryptographic solutions along with their pros and cons, and their future scope. The comparative analysis may further help in proposing a 32-bit ultra-lightweight block cipher security model for IoT enabled applications in the smart environment.

Citation Keysehrawat_comparative_2019