Visible to the public JASON 2010 Summer Study

JASON 2010 Summer Study on the Science of Cybersecurity


Program Agenda

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Monday, 28 June
Fundamental Problem and Background
0900 Introduction - JASONs
Professor Dan Meiron
Dr. Peter Weinberger
0915 Cyber Security — Is Science Possible?
Dr. Steven King
1015 Towards a Science of Security
Professor Fred Schneider
1115 Break
1130 Science of Security — A Formal Perspective
Dr. John McLean
1230 Lunch
Selected Approaches and Topics
1330 Science of Security — A Biological Perspective
Professor Stephanie Forrest
1430 NSA Perspective on Science of Security
Grant Wagner
Bob Meushaw
1530 Break
1545 Current Cyber Threats (SCI Classified)
Dr. Kamal Jabbour
1645 Adjourn for the day
Tuesday, 29 June
Selected Approaches and Topics
0900 Science of Security - Perspectives from Cryptography
Professor Ron Rivest
1000 Science of Security — A DARPA Perspective
Dr. Peter Lee
1100 Break
1115 Security Modeling and Analysis
Professor John Mitchell
1215 Lunch
1315 Science of Security and Game Theory
Professor Jeff Shamma
1415 Science of Security — From Engineering to Science
Dr. Carl Landwehr
1515 Break
1530 Science of Security — Practice in the Information Marketplace
John Manferdelli
1630 Adjourn for the day
Wednesday, 30 June
Selected Approaches and Topics
0900 Science of Security — Hardware Perspective
Professor Milo Martin
1000 Science of Security — Protocol Analysis
Dr. Gerard Holzmann
1115 Science of Security and Economics
Professor John Chuang
1215 Lunch
Experimentation, Economics, and Science in Development
1315 Science of Security and Experimentation
Professor Roy Maxion
1415 Science of Security — Network Theory
Professor Stefan Savage
1515 Break
1530 Science of Security — Philosophical Perspectives
Professor Peter Galison
1630 Wrap-up
1700 Meeting Adjourned