Visible to the public Probing Image and Video Steganography Based On Discrete Wavelet and Discrete Cosine Transform

TitleProbing Image and Video Steganography Based On Discrete Wavelet and Discrete Cosine Transform
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsSelvi J., Anitha Gnana, kalavathy G., Maria
Conference Name2019 Fifth International Conference on Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (ICONSTEM)
Date Publishedmar
ISBN Number978-1-7281-1599-3
Keywordscomposability, Conferences, data encapsulation, DCT, discrete cosine transform, discrete cosine transforms, discrete wavelet transform, discrete wavelet transforms, DWT, embedding payload, Embedding potency, error correcting codes, file transformation, image motion analysis, Image Steganography, Kalman filters, least significant bit method, LSB, message embedding, Metrics, motion object detection, Multiple Object Tracking, multiple object tracking algorithmic programs, object detection, object tracking, privacy, pubcrawl, secured communication, steganography, steganography detection, video steganography, visualization

Now-a-days, video steganography has developed for a secured communication among various users. The two important factor of steganography method are embedding potency and embedding payload. Here, a Multiple Object Tracking (MOT) algorithmic programs used to detect motion object, also shows foreground mask. Discrete wavelet Transform (DWT) and Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) are used for message embedding and extraction stage. In existing system Least significant bit method was proposed. This technique of hiding data may lose some data after some file transformation. The suggested Multiple object tracking algorithm increases embedding and extraction speed, also protects secret message against various attackers.

Citation Keyselvi_j_probing_2019