Visible to the public Web-Based Platform for Evaluation of Resilient and Transactive Smart-Grids

TitleWeb-Based Platform for Evaluation of Resilient and Transactive Smart-Grids
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsNeema, Himanshu, Vardhan, Harsh, Barreto, Carlos, Koutsoukos, Xenofon
Conference Name2019 7th Workshop on Modeling and Simulation of Cyber-Physical Energy Systems (MSCPES)
Keywordsattack vectors, collaboration platform, Communication networks, compositionality, comprehensive Web-based platform, computational components, DER, design studio, distributed energy resources, distributed power generation, distributed sensors, economic control techniques, energy generation, energy generators, energy storage, energy transmission, grid reliability, grid resilience, human factors, Internet, largely open IP-based communication network, Load modeling, Meters, Modeling and Simulation, physical components, physical-attacks, power engineering computing, power system reliability, power-grid security, Power-grid simulation, pubcrawl, reliability, remote cyber-attacks, resilience, Resiliency, security of data, Smart Grid Sensors, Smart grids, smart power grids, smart-grids, software-controlled grid operations, storage devices, TE approach, transactive energy, transactive smart-grids
AbstractToday's smart-grids have seen a clear rise in new ways of energy generation, transmission, and storage. This has not only introduced a huge degree of variability, but also a continual shift away from traditionally centralized generation and storage to distributed energy resources (DERs). In addition, the distributed sensors, energy generators and storage devices, and networking have led to a huge increase in attack vectors that make the grid vulnerable to a variety of attacks. The interconnection between computational and physical components through a largely open, IP-based communication network enables an attacker to cause physical damage through remote cyber-attacks or attack on software-controlled grid operations via physical- or cyber-attacks. Transactive Energy (TE) is an emerging approach for managing increasing DERs in the smart-grids through economic and control techniques. Transactive Smart-Grids use the TE approach to improve grid reliability and efficiency. However, skepticism remains in their full-scale viability for ensuring grid reliability. In addition, different TE approaches, in specific situations, can lead to very different outcomes in grid operations. In this paper, we present a comprehensive web-based platform for evaluating resilience of smart-grids against a variety of cyber- and physical-attacks and evaluating impact of various TE approaches on grid performance. We also provide several case-studies demonstrating evaluation of TE approaches as well as grid resilience against cyber and physical attacks.
Citation Keyneema_web-based_2019