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Amazon, U.K.-based OneWeb, and other companies are racing to put thousands of satellites in space. These satellites are expected to improve environmental monitoring, global navigation systems, and access to the internet in remote areas of the world. However, commercial satellites are vulnerable to cyberattacks due to the complexity of their supply chains, layers of stakeholders, and lack of cybersecurity standards and regulations. If hackers were to hijack these satellites, they could perform malicious activities such as disable functions, deny access to services, spoof signals, and more. Hackers could cause steerable satellites to crash into each other. Such attacks pose a threat to critical infrastructure, including electric grids, water networks, and transportation systems. This article continues to discuss the launch of new commercial satellites to space, how these satellites could improve everyday life, the vulnerability of these satellites to hacking, notable attacks on satellites over the years, and the need to develop cybersecurity standards for satellites.

Homeland Security News Wire reports "Hackers Could Shut Down Satellites - or Turn Them into Weapons"