Visible to the public Security on Wireless Sensor Network

TitleSecurity on Wireless Sensor Network
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsYapar, Büşranur, Güven, Ebu Yusuf, Aydın, Muhammed Ali
Conference Name2019 4th International Conference on Computer Science and Engineering (UBMK)
KeywordsAttack, composability, Human Behavior, low-cost sensor nodes, Metrics, placement algorithm, pubcrawl, Resiliency, security, sensor placement, sensor security, telecommunication network routing, telecommunication security, Wireless Sensor Network, wireless sensor network security, Wireless sensor networks
AbstractWireless sensor networks are called wireless networks consisting of low-cost sensor nodes that use limited resources, collect and distribute data. Wireless sensor networks make observation and control of physical environments from distance easier. They are used in a variety of areas, such as environmental surveillance, military purposes, and the collection of information in specific areas. While the low cost of sensor nodes allows it to spread and increase it's quantitative, battery and computational constraints, noise and manipulation threats from the environment cause various challenges in wireless sensor applications. To overcome these challenges, researches have conducted a lot of researches on various fields like power consumption, use of resources and security approaches. In these studies, routing, placement algorithms and system designs are generally examined for efficient energy consumption. In this article, the relationship between the security of sensor networks and efficient resource usage and various scenarios are presented.
Citation Keyyapar_security_2019