Visible to the public Features of Application of Data Transmission Protocols in Wireless Networks of Sensors

TitleFeatures of Application of Data Transmission Protocols in Wireless Networks of Sensors
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsBelej, Olexander, Nestor, Natalia, Polotai, Orest, Sadeckii, Jan
Conference Name2019 3rd International Conference on Advanced Information and Communications Technologies (AICT)
Date Publishedjul
Keywordsauthentication, certificate-based authentication, composability, computer network security, Data, data transmission protocols, device authentication protection, gateways, Human Behavior, Internet, Internet of Things, internetworking, Message Queue Telemetry Transport protocol, messages, Metrics, network servers, protecting devices, protocol, Protocols, pubcrawl, publisher-subscriber architecture, queueing theory, radiotelemetry, Resiliency, secure IoT-solution mechanisms, Sensor networks, sensor security, Sensors, Software, transport protocols, Wireless sensor networks
AbstractThis article discusses the vulnerabilities and complexity of designing secure IoT-solutions, and then presents proven approaches to protecting devices and gateways. Specifically, security mechanisms such as device authentication (including certificate-based authentication), device authentication, and application a verification of identification are described. The authors consider a protocol of message queue telemetry transport for speech and sensor networks on the Internet, its features, application variants, and characteristic procedures. The principle of "publishersubscriber" is considered. An analysis of information elements and messages is carried out. The urgency of the theme is due to the rapid development of "publisher-subscriber" architecture, for which the protocol is most characteristic.
Citation Keybelej_features_2019