Visible to the public An Empirical Study on the Data Security and Privacy Awareness to Use Health Care Wearable Devices

TitleAn Empirical Study on the Data Security and Privacy Awareness to Use Health Care Wearable Devices
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsYang, Chen, Liu, Tingting, Zuo, Lulu, Hao, Zhiyong
Conference Name2019 16th International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management (ICSSSM)
Date Publishedjul
Keywordsdata protection, Data security, health applications, Health Care, health care wearable devices, Human Behavior, medical data, medical market, multilayer medical resources, National security, patient monitoring, personal health data, physical negative effects, privacy, privacy awareness, privacy protection, private businesses, psychological effects, psychology, pubcrawl, Resiliency, Scalability, security attitude, security awareness, security conduct, security knowledge, security of data, security practice, structural equation analysis, user privacy protection, wearables security
AbstractRecently, several health care wearable devices which can intervene in health and collect personal health data have emerged in the medical market. Although health care wearable devices promote the integration of multi-layer medical resources and bring new ways of health applications for users, it is inevitable that some problems will be brought. This is mainly manifested in the safety protection of medical and health data and the protection of user's privacy. From the users' point of view, the irrational use of medical and health data may bring psychological and physical negative effects to users. From the government's perspective, it may be sold by private businesses in the international arena and threaten national security. The most direct precaution against the problem is users' initiative. For better understanding, a research model is designed by the following five aspects: Security knowledge (SK), Security attitude (SAT), Security practice (SP), Security awareness (SAW) and Security conduct (SC). To verify the model, structural equation analysis which is an empirical approach was applied to examine the validity and all the results showed that SK, SAT, SP, SAW and SC are important factors affecting users' data security and privacy protection awareness.
Citation Keyyang_empirical_2019