Visible to the public Self-Healing in Distribution Grids Supported by Photovoltaic Dispersed Generation in a Voltage Regulation Perspective

TitleSelf-Healing in Distribution Grids Supported by Photovoltaic Dispersed Generation in a Voltage Regulation Perspective
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsLeite, Leonardo H. M., do Couto Boaventura, Wallace, de Errico, Luciano, Machado Alessi, Pedro
Conference Name2019 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference - Latin America (ISGT Latin America)
Keywordscomposability, comprehensive architecture model, dispersed generation sources, distributed generation photovoltaic systems -DGPV, distributed power generation, distribution feeder, electronic inverters, invertors, MATLAB, optimisation, optimization method, photovoltaic dispersed generation, photovoltaic power systems, power distribution control, power distribution faults, power distribution grid, power generation control, power grids, power system CAD, power system control, PSCAD, pubcrawl, reactive power control, reactive power injection control, resilience, Resiliency, self-healing, self-healing action, self-healing networks, sensitivity analysis, Smart grids, telecommunication network, Voltage control, voltage regulation
AbstractDistributed Generation Photovoltaic Systems -DGPV - connected to the power distribution grid through electronic inverters can contribute, in an aggregate scenario, to the performance of several power system control functions, notably in self-healing and voltage regulation along a distribution feeder. This paper proposes the use of an optimization method for voltage regulation, focused on reactive power injection control, based on a comprehensive architecture model that coordinates multiple photovoltaic distributed sources to support grid reconfiguration after self-healing action. A sensitivity analysis regarding the performance of voltage regulation, based on a co-simulation of PSCAD and MatLab, shows the effectiveness of using dispersed generation sources to assist grid reconfiguration after disturbances caused by severe faults.
Citation Keyleite_self-healing_2019