Visible to the public An Enhanced Semantic-Based Cache Replacement Algorithm for Web Systems

TitleAn Enhanced Semantic-Based Cache Replacement Algorithm for Web Systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsTung Hoang, Xuan, Dung Bui, Ngoc
Conference Name2019 IEEE-RIVF International Conference on Computing and Communication Technologies (RIVF)
KeywordsBlogs, cache replacement algorithm, Cache replacement policy, cache storage, caching mechanism, caching solution, delays, Internet, Metrics, Pollution, pubcrawl, replacement algorithm, resilience, Resiliency, Scalability, semantic distance, semantic-aware, semantic-aware caching policy, Semantics, Servers, typical replacement policies, web cache, Web Caching, Web items, web objects, Web page, Web performance, Web systems, Web traffics

As Web traffics is increasing on the Internet, caching solutions for Web systems are becoming more important since they can greatly expand system scalability. An important part of a caching solution is cache replacement policy, which is responsible for selecting victim items that should be removed in order to make space for new objects. Typical replacement policies used in practice only take advantage of temporal reference locality by removing the least recently/frequently requested items from the cache. Although those policies work well in memory or filesystem cache, they are inefficient for Web systems since they do not exploit semantic relationship between Web items. This paper presents a semantic-aware caching policy that can be used in Web systems to enhance scalability. The proposed caching mechanism defines semantic distance from a web page to a set of pivot pages and use the semantic distances as a metric for choosing victims. Also, it use a function-based metric that combines access frequency and cache item size for tie-breaking. Our simulations show that out enhancements outperform traditional methods in terms of hit rate, which can be useful for websites with many small and similar-in-size web objects.

Citation Keytung_hoang_enhanced_2019