Visible to the public A Novel Method for Calculating Residual Magnetic Flux of DC Contactors

TitleA Novel Method for Calculating Residual Magnetic Flux of DC Contactors
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsLi, Baiqiang, Ma, Shaohua, Cai, Zhiyuan, Zheng, Yahong
Conference Name2019 5th International Conference on Electric Power Equipment - Switching Technology (ICEPE-ST)
Keywordsanti-remanence gap, calculating residual magnetic flux, compositionality, contactor magnet, Contactors, DC contactor, electromagnetic mechanism characteristics, Electromagnetics, electromagnetism, excitation conditions, excitation process, finite element analysis, hysteresis, hysteresis-finite element method, Magnetic cores, Magnetic domains, Magnetic flux, magnetic hysteresis, Magnetization, pubcrawl, reliable calculation model, remanence, remanence flux, Resiliency, structural optimization
AbstractReliable calculation model of electromagnetic mechanism characteristics of DC contactor is of great significance to its structural optimization. In this paper, the excitation process of contactor magnet is summarized, and a new calculation model of hysteresis-finite element method is proposed. It can effectively calculate the remanence of the electromagnetic mechanism under different excitation conditions, and give the relationship curve between the remanence flux and the anti-remanence gap.
Citation Keyli_novel_2019