Visible to the public Magnetic tests and analysis of JUICE solar array

TitleMagnetic tests and analysis of JUICE solar array
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsKroon, Martin, Bongers, Ed, Bubeck, Klaus
Conference Name2019 European Space Power Conference (ESPC)
Keywordsaerospace instrumentation, alternating string polarity, back-wiring technique, compositionality, demagnetisation, Eddy currents, eddy-current damper, field-induced magnetisation test, JUICE solar array, JUICE spacecraft, magnetic field, magnetic field emission, Magnetic field measurement, magnetic instruments, magnetic moment, magnetic moments, magnetic sensors, magnetisation, mechanism, photovoltaic assembly, pubcrawl, release mechanism, remanence, remanent magnetic field, Resiliency, solar array, solar cell arrays, Space vehicles, temperature -130.0 degC
AbstractVery sensitive magnetic instruments on the JUICE spacecraft require an extremely low magnetic field emission of the various subsystems. The JUICE solar array includes a photovoltaic assembly and various mechanisms with a magnetic signature. The design of the photovoltaic assembly has been optimised not only with respect to magnetic moment, but also with respect to the emitted magnetic field, by applying the so-called back-wiring technique, alternating string polarity etc. The remanent magnetic field of the mechanisms (hinges, eddy-current damper, hold-down & release mechanism) was tested including a process for demagnetisation. In addition, the temperature coefficient for the magnetic moment was measured, down to the operational temperature of -130°C. The eddy-current damper was also subjected to a field-induced magnetisation test. All the contributors were included in a model to calculate the magnetic field at the instrument location.
Citation Keykroon_magnetic_2019