Visible to the public Modeling and Simulation of Magnetizing Inrush Current in A Single-Phase Transformer

TitleModeling and Simulation of Magnetizing Inrush Current in A Single-Phase Transformer
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsAltun, Hüseyin, Sünter, Sedat, Aydoğmuş, Ömür
Conference Name2019 4th International Conference on Power Electronics and their Applications (ICPEA)
Date Publishedsep
KeywordsCircuit faults, compositionality, core type single-phase transformer, equivalent electrical circuit, ferromagnetic materials, iron core, Jiles-Atherton hysteresis model, Magnetic cores, Magnetic flux, magnetic hysteresis, Magnetization, magnetizing inrush current, Mathematical model, nonlinear ferromagnetic behavior, pubcrawl, remanence, remanent flux, Resiliency, Surges, Transformer cores, transformer model, transformer modeling, transient simulation studies
AbstractIn this paper, a transformer model has been developed. The model is based on the equivalent electrical circuit used in transient simulation studies which considers the non-linearity of the iron core. The non-linear ferromagnetic behavior of the iron core was obtained by using the Jiles-Atherton hysteresis model. The magnetizing inrush current of a core type single-phase transformer was analyzed under four different energization conditions. The primary winding of the transformer was connected to the supply at various instants while there was either some level of remanent flux or no remanent flux in the iron core. Corresponding simulation results are presented and discussed.
Citation Keyaltun_modeling_2019