Visible to the public Multi-Factor Authentication in Cyber Physical System: A State of Art Survey

TitleMulti-Factor Authentication in Cyber Physical System: A State of Art Survey
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsIbrokhimov, Sanjar, Hui, Kueh Lee, Abdulhakim Al-Absi, Ahmed, lee, hoon jae, Sain, Mangal
Conference Name2019 21st International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT)
Keywordsauthentication, authorisation, cryptography, Cyber physical system, Cyber-physical systems, Digital Multifactor authentication, face recognition, Fingerprint recognition, human factors, message authentication, Multi-factor authentication, multifactor authentication, password, pubcrawl, secure authentication, Sensors, Servers, single-factor authentication, Two factor Authentication, two-factor authentication, user authentication, web authentication methods
AbstractDigital Multifactor authentication is one of the best ways to make secure authentication. It covers many different areas of a Cyber-connected world, including online payments, communications, access right management, etc. Most of the time, Multifactor authentication is little complex as it require extra step from users. With two-factor authentication, along with the user-ID and password, user also needs to enter a special code which they normally receive by short message service or some special code which they got in advance. This paper will discuss the evolution from single authentication to Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) starting from Single-Factor Authentication (SFA) and through Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). In addition, this paper presents five high-level categories of features of user authentication in the gadget-free world including security, privacy, and usability aspects. These are adapted and extended from earlier research on web authentication methods. In conclusion, this paper gives future research directions and open problems that stem from our observations.
Citation Keyibrokhimov_multi-factor_2019