Visible to the public Is Hardware Root of Trust hard to do, and Trustworthy?

As the appetite for exploiting security flaws intensifies, so does the broad spectrum of vulnerabilities. It’s important to consider each type of vulnerability and how these could impact physical or logical systems. This presentation will detail four areas of vulnerabilities and appropriate hardware and software methods with which to combat incursions and data larceny. 

Lyle Paczkowski is a Senior Technology Strategist for Sprint’s Advanced Technology Development division. A twenty five year innovative information technologies veteran, Mr. Paczkowski has 173 awarded patents on Security, Blockchain, Hardware Root of Trust, NFV, IMS, Network, 3G CDMA, 4G LTE, NFC, wireless access, and media application patent awards, and 58 patents pending. He has extensive experience in large-scale wireless infrastructure deployments, contact center solutions, application development and project management, and computerized telephony integration (CTI) technologies. He has been with Sprint for 22 years.

Mr. Paczkowski is also credited for the directing the development of several advanced enterprise wireless voice and media applications and products, including converged and integrated wireless and wireline applications. His field of work includes a unique mobile integration product known as Sprint Mobile Integration using IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). He has created new Near Field Communications applications, including co-inventing a new novel UHF RFID bar code replacement chip design (to be used in IoT appliances); wireless application development; Unified Communications enhancements; new hardware-assisted security protocols, and hosted multimedia platforms. Mr. Paczkowski presents at numerous domestic and international technology conferences as a subject matter expert focusing upon mobile network device security topics, Blockchain and Hyperledger protocols, and enterprise wireless converged application development. In the Telecom industry he is widely considered a “C-level” enterprise business and technology roadmap development expert.

He has a previous 13 year experience as a Senior Product Development Manager with Melroe/Ingersoll Rand responsible for the creation of several new construction equipment product lines, electronic order entry system development, and the deployment of a national construction equipment sales distribution strategy.

Mr. Paczkowski holds a bachelor degree in Economics from North Dakota State University. He is a US Army Veteran, married, and has two sons.

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Is Hardware Root of Trust hard to do, and Trustworthy?
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