Visible to the public HoTSoS 2020 - VirtualConflict Detection Enabled

7th Annual Hot Topics in the Science of Security (HoTSoS) Symposium

September 22-24, 2020 | Virtually hosted by the University of Kansas |

HoTSoS is a research event centered on the Science of Security, which aims to address the fundamental problems of security in a principled manner. The seventh annual HoTSoS event will be held virtually September 22-24, 2020. We feel that this is the best and safest option in light of travel restrictions and the continuing uncertainty with the pandemic. We plan to have a robust virtual meeting. As we get closer to the symposium dates we will post information about the format and logistics.

Registration is open at The fee to attend has been waived this year

HotSoS brings together researchers from diverse disciplines to promote advancement of work related to the science of security. The conference will feature a mix of invited talks, panels, tutorials, and refereed papers to be published by ACM. The Science of Security (SoS) emphasizes the advancement of research methods as well as the development of new research results. This dual focus is intended to improve both the confidence we gain from scientific results and also the capacity and efficiency through which we address increasingly technical problems.

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