Visible to the public Process Provenance-based Trust Management in Collaborative Fog Environment

TitleProcess Provenance-based Trust Management in Collaborative Fog Environment
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsThida, Aye, Shwe, Thanda
Conference Name2020 IEEE Conference on Computer Applications(ICCA)
Keywordscloud computing, Collaboration, collaborative, composability, edge computing, Fog Computing, History, Human Behavior, Metrics, process provenance, Provenance, pubcrawl, reliability, Resiliency, Servers, Trust
AbstractWith the increasing popularity and adoption of IoT technology, fog computing has been used as an advancement to cloud computing. Although trust management issues in cloud have been addressed, there are still very few studies in a fog area. Trust is needed for collaborating among fog nodes and trust can further improve the reliability by assisting in selecting the fog nodes to collaborate. To address this issue, we present a provenance based trust mechanism that traces the behavior of the process among fog nodes. Our approach adopts the completion rate and failure rate as the process provenance in trust scores of computing workload, especially obvious measures of trustworthiness. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed system can effectively be used for collaboration in a fog environment.
Citation Keythida_process_2020