Visible to the public Need of Private and Public Sector Information Security

TitleNeed of Private and Public Sector Information Security
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsMishra, Menaka, Upadhyay, A.K.
Conference Name2019 9th International Conference on Cloud Computing, Data Science Engineering (Confluence)
ISBN Number978-1-5386-5933-5
Keywordsairport like security with digital boxes, Airports, AS-IS office system, authorisation, Biometric, biometrics (access control), Buildings, Collaboration, conveyor belts, data entry-exit log, data protection, digital bar-coded air port, digital bar-coded conveyor boxes, evaes-dropping, government buildings, government data processing, government offices, Information security, information stealing, information technicians, Intel, Intelligent systems, Internet of Things, knowledge based systems, man in middle, Organizations, personnel security, Policy Based Governance, Portable computers, private buildings, private sector information security, pubcrawl, public sector information security, sensitive information, sentinel systems, smart information security Intel processes, Standards organizations, virtual data tables

In this research paper author surveys the need of data protection from intelligent systems in the private and public sectors. For this, she identifies that the Smart Information Security Intel processes needs to be the suggestive key policy for both sectors of governance either public or private. The information is very sensitive for any organization. When the government offices are concerned, information needs to be abstracted and encapsulated so that there is no information stealing. For this purposes, the art of skill set and new optimized technology needs to be stationed. Author identifies that digital bar-coded air port like security using conveyor belts and digital bar-coded conveyor boxes to scan switched ON articles like internet of things needs to be placed. As otherwise, there can potentially be data, articles or information stealing from the operational sites where access is unauthorized. Such activities shall need to be scrutinized, minutely. The biometric such as fingerprints, iris, voice and face recognition pattern updates in the virtual data tables must be taken to keep data entry-exit log up to-date. The information technicians of the sentinel systems must help catch the anomalies in the professional working time in private and public sectors if there is red flag as indicator. The author in this research paper shall discuss in detail what we shall station, how we shall station and what all measures we might need to undertake to safeguard the stealing of sensitive information from the organizations like administration buildings, government buildings, educational schools, hospitals, courts, private buildings, banks and all other offices nation-wide. The TO-BE new processes shall make the AS-IS office system more information secured, data protected and personnel security stronger.

Citation Keymishra_need_2019