Visible to the public Dynamically Reconfigurable Slice Allocation and Admission Control within 5G Wireless Networks

TitleDynamically Reconfigurable Slice Allocation and Admission Control within 5G Wireless Networks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsPerveen, Abida, Patwary, Mohammad, Aneiba, Adel
Conference Name2019 IEEE 89th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC2019-Spring)
Date Publishedapr
Keywords5G mobile communication, 5G wireless network, Admission control, admission control strategy, Bandwidth, dynamic intra-slice decision boundary estimation model, Dynamic scheduling, enhanced mobile broadband, estimation theory, heterogeneous traffic demand, integrated user application-specific demand characteristics, Internet of Things, intra-slice resource sharing elasticity, massive machine type communication, Metrics, network characteristics evaluation, network load, network utility, online slice allocation model, predictive security metrics, pubcrawl, quality of experience, quality of service, Radio Access Network, resource allocation, resource allocation decision metric, resource allocation framework performance, Resource management, service demand, slice resource block-size, telecommunication congestion control, telecommunication traffic, ultra-reliable low-latency communication
AbstractServing heterogeneous traffic demand requires efficient resource utilization to deliver the promises of 5G wireless network towards enhanced mobile broadband, massive machine type communication and ultra-reliable low-latency communication. In this paper, an integrated user application-specific demand characteristics as well as network characteristics evaluation based online slice allocation model for 5G wireless network is proposed. Such characteristics include, available bandwidth, power, quality of service demand, service priority, security sensitivity, network load, predictive load etc. A degree of intra-slice resource sharing elasticity has been considered based on their availability. The availability has been assessed based on the current availability as well as forecasted availability. On the basis of application characteristics, an admission control strategy has been proposed. An interactive AMF (Access and Mobility Function)- RAN (Radio Access Network) information exchange has been assumed. A cost function has been derived to quantify resource allocation decision metric that is valid for both static and dynamic nature of user and network characteristics. A dynamic intra-slice decision boundary estimation model has been proposed. A set of analytical comparative results have been attained in comparison to the results available in the literature. The results suggest the proposed resource allocation framework performance is superior to the existing results in the context of network utility, mean delay and network grade of service, while providing similar throughput. The superiority reported is due to soft nature of the decision metric while reconfiguring slice resource block-size and boundaries.
Citation Keyperveen_dynamically_2019