Visible to the public Encryption Based On Multilevel Security for Relational Database EBMSR

TitleEncryption Based On Multilevel Security for Relational Database EBMSR
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsMahmoud, Ahmed Y., Alqumboz, Mohammed Naji Abu
Conference Name2019 International Conference on Promising Electronic Technologies (ICPET)
KeywordsAES, Bell LaPadula, Ciphers, composability, cryptography, cryptosystem, Databases, DBMS, decryption, DES, Encryption, encryption algorithm, Human Behavior, information technology, Internet, Metrics, MLS, Multi level, multilevel security model, multisecurity level, pubcrawl, RC4, Relational Database, relational database security, relational databases, Resiliency, Standards
AbstractCryptography is one of the most important sciences today because of the importance of data and the possibility of sharing data via the Internet. Therefore, data must be preserved when stored or transmitted over the Internet. Encryption is used as a solution to protect information during the transmission via an open channel. If the information is obtained illegally, the opponent/ enemy will not be able to understand the information due to encryption. In this paper we have developed a cryptosystem for testing the concepts of multi security level. The information is encrypted using more than one encryption algorithm based on the security level. The proposed cryptosystem concerns of Encryption Based on Multilevel Security (MLS) Model for DBMS. The cryptosystem is designed for both encryption and decryption.
Citation Keymahmoud_encryption_2019