Visible to the public A Vulnerability Assessment Method of Cyber Physical Power System Considering Power-Grid Infrastructures Failure

TitleA Vulnerability Assessment Method of Cyber Physical Power System Considering Power-Grid Infrastructures Failure
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsJianfeng, Dai, Jian, Qiu, Jing, Wu, Xuesong, Wang
Conference Name2019 IEEE Sustainable Power and Energy Conference (iSPEC)
KeywordsBayesian Network, communication components, composability, cooperative attack, CPPS operation, cyber physical power system, cyber-physical power system, Cyber-physical systems, failure analysis, full probability evaluation formula, functional characteristics, information components, local CPPS model, Metrics, multiple components synchronization function failure, power components, Power Grid Network, Power Grid Vulnerability Assessment, power grids, power system faults, power system reliability, power-grid infrastructures failure, probability, pubcrawl, resilience, Resiliency, security, single component function failure, vulnerability assessment, vulnerability assessment method
AbstractIn order to protect power grid network, the security assessment techniques which include both cyber side and the physical side should be considered. In this paper, we present a method for evaluating the dynamic vulnerability of cyber-physical power system (CPPS) considering the power grid infrastructures failure. First, according to the functional characteristics of different components, the impact of a single component function failure on CPPS operation is analyzed and quantified, such as information components, communication components and power components; then, the dynamic vulnerability of multiple components synchronization function failure is calculated, and the full probability evaluation formula of CPPS operational dynamic vulnerability is built; Thirdly, from an attacker's perspective to identify the most hazardous component combinations for CPPS multi-node collaborative attack; Finally, a local CPPS model is established based on the IEEE-9 bus system to quantify its operational dynamic vulnerability, and the effectiveness of proposed method is verified.
Citation Keyjianfeng_vulnerability_2019