Visible to the public Vulnerability Analysis of Smart Grid under Community Attack Style

TitleVulnerability Analysis of Smart Grid under Community Attack Style
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsPan, Huan, Lian, Honghui, Na, Chunning
Conference NameIECON 2019 - 45th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society
Keywordscascading failure, cascading failure process, community attack style, Community theory, composability, controllable power nodes, cyber network, England 39 nodes system, failure analysis, Generators, information network, Linear programming, linear programming problem, Load modeling, Metrics, minimum load reduction model, MLRM, Network topology, Power cables, power grid, Power Grid Vulnerability Assessment, power lines, power system control, power system faults, Power system protection, pubcrawl, resilience, Resiliency, Smart grid, Smart grids, smart power grids, vulnerability analysis
AbstractThe smart grid consists of two parts, one is the physical power grid, the other is the information network. In order to study the cascading failure, the vulnerability analysis of the smart grid is done under a kind of community attack style in this paper. Two types of information networks are considered, i.e. topology consistency and scale-free cyber networks, respectively. The concept of control center is presented and the controllable power nodes and observable power lines are defined. Minimum load reduction model(MLRM) is given and described as a linear programming problem. A index is introduced to assess the vulnerability. New England 39 nodes system is applied to simulate the cascading failure process to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed MLRM where community the attack methods include attack the power lines among and in power communities.
Citation Keypan_vulnerability_2019