Visible to the public Re-envisioning digital architectures connecting CE hardware for security, reliability and low energy

TitleRe-envisioning digital architectures connecting CE hardware for security, reliability and low energy
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsWhittington, Christopher, Cady, Edward, Ratchen, Daniel, Dawji, Yunus
Conference Name2018 IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE)
KeywordsAd hoc networks, CE hardware, Computer architecture, Consumer Data, consumer electronic systems, Consumer electronics, data connectivity technologies, data exchange, data network architecture, data privacy, data transfer, digital architectures, electronic data interchange, Hardware, Internet, Local area networks, low power, low-power components, multiple bridged peripheral links, network architecture, Network of Things, Network Security Architecture, peripheral interfaces, personal area networks, privacy, private universal data platform, Protocols, pubcrawl, push-pull data network architecture, Resiliency, scalable switchable data platform, security, Software, Software Constructed ad-hoc circuit network, ultra-low power data platform, universal peripheral communications links, USB 3.0, USB 3.0 data transfer cables
AbstractExponential growth of data produced and consumed by consumer electronic systems will strain data connectivity technologies beyond the next ten years. A private universal data platform is therefore required to connect CE Hardware for improved security, reliability and energy use. A novel Push-Pull data network architecture is hereto presented, employing multiple bridged peripheral links to create an ultra-fast, ultra-secure, private and low power data network to connect nearly any system. Bridging standard USB 3.0 technologies, we demonstrate a universally secure, ultra-low power and scalable switchable data platform offering the highest level of data privacy, security and performance. Delivering up to 12 times the throughput speeds of existing USB 3.0 data transfer cables, the presented solution builds on the reliability of universal peripheral communications links using proven ports, protocols and low-power components. A “Software Constructed” ad-hoc circuit network, the presented digital architecture delivers frictionless adoption and exceptional price-performance measures connecting both existing and future CE hardware.
Citation Keywhittington_re-envisioning_2018