Visible to the public Countermeasure for Identification of Controlled Data Injection Attacks in Networked Control Systems

TitleCountermeasure for Identification of Controlled Data Injection Attacks in Networked Control Systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
Authorsde Sá, Alan Oliveira, Carmo, Luiz Fernando Rust da C., Santos Machado, Raphael C.
Conference Name2019 II Workshop on Metrology for Industry 4.0 and IoT (MetroInd4.0 IoT)
KeywordsCommunication networks, composability, controlled data injection attack identification, countermeasure, data injection attack, Gaussian noise, Identification, industrial control system, Industry 4.0, Linear systems, linear time-invariant transfer functions, link monitoring strategy, malicious agent, man-in-the-middle, Monitoring, Networked Control System, networked control systems, Networked Control Systems Security, Predictive Metrics, production engineering computing, pubcrawl, Resiliency, security, security of data, System Identification, Transfer functions
AbstractNetworked Control Systems (NCS) are widely used in Industry 4.0 to obtain better management and operational capabilities, as well as to reduce costs. However, despite the benefits provided by NCSs, the integration of communication networks with physical plants can also expose these systems to cyber threats. This work proposes a link monitoring strategy to identify linear time-invariant transfer functions performed by a Man-in-the-Middle during controlled data injection attacks in NCSs. The results demonstrate that the proposed identification scheme provides adequate accuracy when estimating the attack function, and does not interfere in the plant behavior when the system is not under attack.
Citation Keyde_sa_countermeasure_2019