Visible to the public Security and Stability Control System Simulation Using RTDS

TitleSecurity and Stability Control System Simulation Using RTDS
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsYang, Zai-xin, Gao, Chen, Wang, Yun-min
Conference Name2018 13th World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation (WCICA)
KeywordsCircuit faults, Circuit stability, closed loop systems, composability, control characteristics, control system synthesis, control systems, digital dynamic experimental model, dynamic simulation, Inner Mongolia, Metrics, Networked Control Systems Security, northern 500kV transmission channel, Power Grid Network, power grids, power system control, power system low frequency oscillations, power system simulation, power system stability, power transmission lines, pubcrawl, real time digital simulation (RTDS), real-time simulation, resilience, Resiliency, RTDS, safe operation, security, security and stability control system, simulation test platform, stability control device, stability control devices, stability control strategy, stability control system simulation, Stability criteria, stability system, stable device, stable operation, time digital simulation
AbstractAnalyzing performance of security and stability control system is of great importance for the safe and stable operation of the power grid. Digital dynamic experimental model is built by real time digital simulation (RTDS) in order to research security and stability system of Inner Mongolia in northern 500kV transmission channel. The whole process is closed-loop dynamic real-time simulation. According to power grid network testing technology standard, all kinds of stability control devices need to be tested in a comprehensive system. Focus on the following items: security and stability control strategy, tripping criterion as well as power system low frequency oscillations. Results of the trial indicated that the simulation test platform based on RTDS have the ability of detecting the safe and stable device. It can reflect the action behavior and control characteristics of the safe and stable device accurately. The device can be used in the case of low frequency oscillation of the system.
Citation Keyyang_security_2018