Visible to the public Event-triggered Control for Networked Control Systems Under Replay Attacks

TitleEvent-triggered Control for Networked Control Systems Under Replay Attacks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsSu, Yu, Wu, Jing, Long, Chengnian, Li, Shaoyuan
Conference Name2018 Chinese Automation Congress (CAC)
Date Publishednov
Keywordsclosed loop systems, closed-loop system stability, composability, consecutive replay attacks, control signal, control system synthesis, control systems, Delay effects, Event-triggered control, event-triggering condition, general random replay attack model, Metrics, NCSs, networked control systems, Networked Control Systems Security, nonlinear control systems, Numerical models, power system stability, pubcrawl, replay attacks, resilience, Resiliency, robust event-triggered controller design method, security, Sensors, stability, Stability analysis
AbstractWith wide application of networked control systems(N CSs), NCSs security have encountered severe challenges. In this paper, we propose a robust event-triggered controller design method under replay attacks, and the control signal on the plant is updated only when the event-triggering condition is satisfied. We develop a general random replay attack model rather than predetermined specific patterns for the occurrences of replay attacks, which allows to obtain random states to replay. We show that the proposed event-triggered control (ETC) scheme, if well designed, can tolerate some consecutive replay attacks, without affecting the corresponding closed-loop system stability and performance. A numerical examples is finally given to illustrate the effectiveness of our method.
Citation Keysu_event-triggered_2018