Visible to the public A Study and Enhancement to the Security of MANET AODV Protocol Against Black Hole Attacks

TitleA Study and Enhancement to the Security of MANET AODV Protocol Against Black Hole Attacks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsFu, Yulong, Li, Guoquan, Mohammed, Atiquzzaman, Yan, Zheng, Cao, Jin, Li, Hui
Conference Name2019 IEEE SmartWorld, Ubiquitous Intelligence Computing, Advanced Trusted Computing, Scalable Computing Communications, Cloud Big Data Computing, Internet of People and Smart City Innovation (SmartWorld/SCALCOM/UIC/ATC/CBDCom/IOP/SCI)
Keywordsad hoc on-demand distance vector routing, AODV based adhoc networks, AODV protocol, Automata, compositionality, delays, disaster recovery, Internet of Things, IoT, Loss measurement, MANET, MANET AODV protocol, MANET routing protocol, MANET security, Metrics, mobile ad hoc networks, mobile adhoc networks, Network security, NS3 simulator, pubcrawl, Resiliency, Routing, Routing Protocol, Routing protocols, security, security vulnerabilities, telecommunication security, UAV, unmanned aerial unit
AbstractMobile AdHoc Networks (MANET) can be fast implemented, and it is very popular in many specific network requirements, such as UAV (Unmanned Aerial Unit), Disaster Recovery and IoT (Internet of Things) etc. However, MANET is also vulnerable. AODV (Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing) protocol is one type of MANET routing protocol and many attacks can be implemented to break the connections on AODV based AdHoc networks. In this article, aim of protecting the MANET security, we modeled the AODV protocol with one type of Automata and analyzed the security vulnerabilities of it; then based on the analyzing results, we proposed an enhancement to AODV protocol to against the Black Hole Attacks. We also implemented the proposed enhancement in NS3 simulator and verified the correctness, usability and efficiency.
Citation Keyfu_study_2019