Visible to the public Protecting Messages Using Selective Encryption Based ESI Scheme for MANET

TitleProtecting Messages Using Selective Encryption Based ESI Scheme for MANET
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsNithyapriya, J., Anandha Jothi, R., Palanisamy, V.
Conference Name2019 TEQIP III Sponsored International Conference on Microwave Integrated Circuits, Photonics and Wireless Networks (IMICPW)
Keywordsample protection, centralized administrator, compositionality, cryptographic protocols, dynamic topology, encryption scheme, ESI scheme, MANET, MANET security, message passing, Metrics, misbehaving node, mobile ad hoc network, mobile ad hoc networks, mobile nodes, protecting messages, pubcrawl, reasons MANET, Resiliency, Routing protocols, security scheme, Selective Encryption, telecommunication network topology, telecommunication security, wired networks
AbstractMobile ad hoc network is a group of mobile nodes which have no centralized administrator. MANETs have dynamic topology since the nodes are moving. For this reason it is more prone to attacks that any node may be a misbehaving node. Every node acts as a router thereby it may lead the network with wrong routing. For these reasons MANETs have to be more protected than the wired networks. The mobile nodes will lavishly consume energy and so a security scheme that consumes less energy still provides ample protection to the messages have to be introduced. Here we propose an encryption scheme for the messages passing through MANET. The security scheme is based on selective encryption that is very robust, simple and with less computational capability.
Citation Keynithyapriya_protecting_2019