Visible to the public An Identity Privacy Protection Strategy in Vehicle Named Data Network

TitleAn Identity Privacy Protection Strategy in Vehicle Named Data Network
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsLiu, Xuejie, Bing, Qi, Lu, Xinhua, Zhong, Lihong, Wei, Da, Qu, Guannan
Conference Name2019 IEEE International Conferences on Ubiquitous Computing Communications (IUCC) and Data Science and Computational Intelligence (DSCI) and Smart Computing, Networking and Services (SmartCNS)
ISBN Number978-1-7281-5209-7
Keywordsanonymity, computer network security, data names, data packets, data privacy, data provider, data requester, digital signatures, Human Behavior, identity information, identity privacy protection strategy, Identity Security, interest packages, Internet, malicious nodes, Named Data Network Security, ONE-based VNDN platform, privacy problems, privacy protection, pubcrawl, resilience, Resiliency, ring signature scheme, Scalability, security analysis, vehicle named data network, vehicle opportunity network, vehicular ad hoc networks

Although Vehicle Named Data Network (VNDN) possess the communication benefits of Named Data Network and Vehicle Opportunity Network, it also introduces some new privacy problems, including the identity security of Data Requesters and Data Providers. Data providers in VNDN need to sign data packets directly, which will leak the identity information of the providers, while the vicinity malicious nodes can access the sensitive information of Data Requesters by analyzing the relationship between Data Requesters and the data names in Interest Packages that are sent directly in plaintext. In order to solve the above privacy problems, this paper presents an identity privacy protection strategy for Data Requesters and Data Providers in VNDN. A ring signature scheme is used to hide the correlation between the signature and the data provider and the anonymous proxy idea is used to protect the real identity of the data requester in the proposed strategy. Security Analysis and experiments in the ONE-based VNDN platform indicate that the proposed strategy is effective and practical.

Citation Keyliu_identity_2019