Visible to the public Effects of Interdependencies on Game-Theoretic Defense of Cyber-Physical Infrastructures

TitleEffects of Interdependencies on Game-Theoretic Defense of Cyber-Physical Infrastructures
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsHe, Fei, Chandrasekar, Santhosh, Rao, Nageswara S. V., Ma, Chris Y. T.
Conference Name2019 22th International Conference on Information Fusion (FUSION)
Date Publishedjul
KeywordsAttack Strategies, basic topological structures, bus structure, constituent systems, Cost accounting, cyber-physical infrastructures, defense effort, external attacks, game theoretic security, game theory, game-theoretic defense strategy, Games, human factors, infrastructure design, infrastructure resilience, infrastructure security, Integrated optics, Interdependencies, interdependency levels, Nash equilibrium, Numerical models, optical switches, Predictive Metrics, pubcrawl, resource allocation, Scalability, security, security of data, Servers, simultaneous game, star topology
AbstractResilience and security of infrastructures depend not only on their constituent systems but also on interdependencies among them. This paper studies how these interdependencies in infrastructures affect the defense effort needed to counter external attacks, by formulating a simultaneous game between a service provider (i.e., defender) and an attacker. Effects of interdependencies in three basic topological structures, namely, bus, star and ring, are considered and compared in terms of the game-theoretic defense strategy. Results show that in a star topology, the attacker's and defender's pure strategies at Nash Equilibrium (NE) are sensitive to interdependency levels whereas in a bus structure, the interdependencies show little impact on both defender's and attacker's pure strategies. The sensitivity estimates of defense and attack strategies at NE with respect to target valuation and unit cost are also presented. The results provide insights into infrastructure design and resource allocation for reinforcement of constituent systems.
Citation Keyhe_effects_2019