Visible to the public Energy Efficient Embedded Systems for LED Lighting Control in Traffic

TitleEnergy Efficient Embedded Systems for LED Lighting Control in Traffic
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsBundalo, Zlatko, Veljko, Momčilo, Bundalo, Dušanka, Kuzmić, Goran, Sajić, Mirko, Ramakić, Adnan
Conference Name2019 8th Mediterranean Conference on Embedded Computing (MECO)
Date Publishedjun
Keywordscomposability, digital embedded system, Embedded systems, energy consumption, energy consumption efficiency, Energy efficiency, energy efficient embedded systems, energy efficient microprocessor, LED lighting, LED lighting control, LED lighting technology, LED technology, light emitting diodes, lighting, lighting control, lighting control in traffic, low energy consumption, Metrics, microcontrollers, microprocessor based embedded systems, pubcrawl, quality lighting, Resiliency, road traffic, Roads, smart systems, universal embedded system
AbstractThe paper considers, proposes and describes possibilities and ways for application, design and implementation of energy efficient microprocessor based embedded systems for LED lighting control in the traffic. Using LED lighting technology and appropriate designed embedded systems it is possible to implement very efficient and smart systems for very wide range of applications in the traffic. This type of systems can be widely used in many places in the traffic where there is needed quality lighting and low energy consumption. Application of such systems enables to increase energy consumption efficiency, quality of lighting and security of traffic and to decrease total costs for the lighting. Way of design and use of such digital embedded system to effectively increase functionality and efficiency of lighting in the traffic is proposed and described. It is also proposed and described one practically designed and implemented simple and universal embedded system for LED lighting control for many applications in the traffic.
Citation Keybundalo_energy_2019