Visible to the public Intelligent Border Security Intrusion Detection using IoT and Embedded systems

TitleIntelligent Border Security Intrusion Detection using IoT and Embedded systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsALshukri, Dawoud, R, Vidhya Lavanya, P, Sumesh E, Krishnan, Pooja
Conference Name2019 4th MEC International Conference on Big Data and Smart City (ICBDSC)
Keywordsborder area monitoring, Cameras, composability, computerised monitoring, control systems, Embedded systems, FLIR, geographical conditions, harsh weather, infrared imaging, intelligent border security intrusion detection, Internet of Things, IoT, Metrics, Monitoring, pubcrawl, Raspberry Pi, Resiliency, Robot sensing systems, security, security of data, Software, thermal imaging camera, video surveillance, water bodies
AbstractBorder areas are generally considered as places where great deal of violence, intrusion and cohesion between several parties happens. This often led to danger for the life of employees, soldiers and common man working or living in border areas. Further geographical conditions like mountains, snow, forest, deserts, harsh weather and water bodies often lead to difficult access and monitoring of border areas. Proposed system uses thermal imaging camera (FLIR) for detection of various objects and infiltrators. FLIR is assigned an IP address and connected through local network to the control center. Software code captures video and subsequently the intrusion detection. A motor controlled spotlight with infrared and laser gun is used to illuminate under various conditions at the site. System also integrates sound sensor to detect specific sounds and motion sensors to sense suspicious movements. Based on the decision, a buzzer and electric current through fence for further protection can be initiated. Sensors are be integrated through IoT for an efficient control of large border area and connectivity between sites.
Citation Keyalshukri_intelligent_2019