Visible to the public Evolving AL-FEC Application Towards 5G NGMN

TitleEvolving AL-FEC Application Towards 5G NGMN
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsBouras, Christos, Kanakis, Nikolaos
Conference Name2018 9th IFIP International Conference on New Technologies, Mobility and Security (NTMS)
Keywords5G mobile communication, 5G Next Generation Mobile Networks, 5G NGMN, AL-FEC policy online problem, AL-FEC protection, Application Layer FEC codes, arbitrary packet losses, composability, Decoding, deterministic algorithms, encoding, error control, error protection schemes, FEC error control method, feedback free error recovery method, fifth generation mobile technology, forward error correction, forward error correction codes, Metrics, mobile multicast services, mobile multicast standards, mobile users, multicast communication, Multimedia communication, next generation mobilenetwork, next generation networks, online algorithms, Packet loss, pubcrawl, randomized online algorithms, redundant data, Resiliency, source data, telecommunication network reliability, ultra-high reliability
AbstractThe fifth generation of mobile technology (5G) is positioned to address the demands and business contexts of 2020 and beyond. Therefore, in 5G, there is a need to push the envelope of performance to provide, where needed, for example, much greater throughput, much lower latency, ultra-high reliability, much higher connectivity density, and higher mobility range. A crucial point in the effective provisioning of 5G Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) lies in the efficient error control and in more details in the utilization of Forward Error Correction (FEC) codes on the application layer. FEC is a method for error control of data transmission adopted in several mobile multicast standards. FEC is a feedback free error recovery method where the sender introduces redundant data in advance with the source data enabling the recipient to recover from different arbitrary packet losses. Recently, the adoption of FEC error control method has been boosted by the introduction of powerful Application Layer FEC (AL-FEC) codes. Furthermore, several works have emerged aiming to address the efficient application of AL-FEC protection introducing deterministic or randomized online algorithms. In this work we propose a novel AL-FEC scheme based on online algorithms forced by the well stated AL-FEC policy online problem. We present an algorithm which exploits feedback capabilities of the mobile users regarding the outcome of a transmission, and adapts the introduced protection respectively. Moreover, we provide an extensive analysis of the proposed AL-FEC algorithm accompanied by a performance evaluation against common error protection schemes.
Citation Keybouras_evolving_2018