Visible to the public A Novel Approach of Image Encryption Using Chaos and Dynamic DNA Sequence

TitleA Novel Approach of Image Encryption Using Chaos and Dynamic DNA Sequence
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsDas, Subhajit, Mondal, Satyendra Nath, Sanyal, Manas
Conference Name2019 Amity International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AICAI)
Date Publishedfeb
Keywordscryptography, Different types of attacks and Statistical Analysis, distorted image, DNA, DNA converted pixel, DNA cryptography, DNA operations cipher image, DNA sequence, dynamic DNA sequence, encoding, Encryption, encryption of image, Heuristic algorithms, Histograms, Human Behavior, Image coding, image encryption scheme, logistic map, Logistics, plain image pixel, Predictive Metrics, privacy, pseudorandom sequences, pubcrawl, random processes, Resiliency, reversible DNA operations, two dimension logistic map, two dimension Sine-Henon alteration map
AbstractIn this paper, an image encryption scheme based on dynamic DNA sequence and two dimension logistic map is proposed. Firstly two different pseudo random sequences are generated using two dimension Sine-Henon alteration map. These sequences are used for altering the positions of each pixel of plain image row wise and column wise respectively. Secondly each pixels of distorted image and values of random sequences are converted into a DNA sequence dynamically using one dimension logistic map. Reversible DNA operations are applied between DNA converted pixel and random values. At last after decoding the results of DNA operations cipher image is obtained. Different theoretical analyses and experimental results proved the effectiveness of this algorithm. Large key space proved that it is possible to protect different types of attacks using our proposed encryption scheme.
Citation Keydas_novel_2019