Visible to the public DNA and Chaos Based Confusion-Diffusion for Color Image Security

TitleDNA and Chaos Based Confusion-Diffusion for Color Image Security
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsRavichandran, Dhivya, Fathima, Sherin, Balasubramanian, Vidhyadharini, Banu, Aashiq, Anushiadevi, Amirtharajan, Rengarajan
Conference Name2019 International Conference on Vision Towards Emerging Trends in Communication and Networking (ViTECoN)
Date Publishedmar
Keywordschaos, chaos aided inter-planar row, Ciphers, color image security, colour image encryption, column shuffling, confused image, Confusion, confusion-diffusion process, Correlation, cryptography, deoxyribo nucleic acid coding, Diffusion, DNA, DNA coding, DNA cryptography, DNA decoding, DNA XOR rules, Encryption, Entropy, Histograms, Human Behavior, Image coding, image colour analysis, image encryption, image pixels, multimedia files, Predictive Metrics, privacy, pubcrawl, Resiliency
AbstractNowadays, secure transmission of multimedia files has become more significant concern with the evolution of technologies. Cryptography is the well-known technique to safeguard the files from various destructive hacks. In this work, a colour image encryption scheme is suggested using chaos and Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid (DNA) coding. The encryption scheme is carried out in two stages namely confusion and diffusion. As the first stage, chaos aided inter-planar row and column shuffling are performed to shuffle the image pixels completely. DNA coding and decoding operations then diffuse the resultant confused image with the help of eight DNA XOR rules. This confusion-diffusion process has achieved the entropy value equal to 7.9973 and correlation coefficient nearer to zero with key space of 10140. Various other analyses are also done to ensure the effectiveness of the developed algorithm. The results show that the proposed scheme can withstand different attacks and better than the recent state-of-art methods.
Citation Keyravichandran_dna_2019