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Cybersecurity research software developed by Sandia National Laboratories, called minimega, can now be accessed by faculty and students at Purdue University. This is the first time Sandia has partnered with an academic community to make its software fully accessible to an institution for teaching or research regardless of association with the Labs. Minimega is an open-source emulation platform aimed at improving cybersecurity research to discover security threats faced by various systems and develop new solutions for protecting the systems against such threats. The platform allows users to set up a simulated, virtual network to analyze computer networks and distributed systems. Users can study cybersecurity, resiliency, what-if-scenarios, as well as participate in red-teaming assessments. This article continues to discuss minimega's availability and future expansion, as well as why it is an advancement in cybersecurity research.

Sandia National Laboratories report "Expanding Access to Cyber Research Tools"